Why Melissa Essential Oil Is So Special

Melissa officinalis, also known as Lemon Balm

The herb Melissa (lemon balm) produces a very special essential oil with an exceptionally high energy.

If you ever get your hands on some, try this.

Put a drop or two on your palm and rub your hands together. Cup your palms to your face, close your eyes and inhale deeply. The effect is truly sublime and it will take your breath away.

The name “Melissa” is Greek for honeybee. Bees adore this plant and it has been grown by beekeepers since ancient times.

A long time ago Melissa was a highly regarded herb. In the ninth century AD, emperor Charlemagne consumed lemon balm teas and tinctures to promote health and longevity. He decreed that lemon balm should be included in all apothecary and monastery gardens in his realm.

The Melissa plant happens to produce very little essential oil. And that makes its oil very pricey.

It takes 4000-6000 lbs of the Melissa herb to produce 1 lb of its essential oil. And so Melissa oil sells for $4,000 – $7000 US / lb.

Below are some photos I took during the Melissa harvest at Young Living’s St. Maries farm in Idaho.

One of the big steam distillers or “cookers”
The Melissa oil floats to the top. Below is the floral water.
The new Melissa starts, inside the greenhouse


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