Why Young Living Essential Oils

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Dev Khalsa – I am a real person

I have been involved as a health educator in the alternative health field and naturopathic clinic owner for 30 years.

In 1997 while I was searching for an answer to a debilitating health problem I was having I discovered Young Living Essential Oils.

I was also attracted to the founder of Young Living, Dr. Gary Young, because of his astounding capacity for work and his utter dedication to truth and integrity.

Gary and Mary Young

Through essential oils and Young Living’s help I have seen my own and many other peoples’ lives improved.

The boom in alternative health and natural wellness shows no sign of slowing down and Young Living is now rated as one of the top 10 MLM companies (see http://mlmrankings.com).

Why Young Living?

To join Dev in Young Living:

In a world of so many scams, shams and slick advertising…

Young Living is real and gives me the opportunity to truly help people improve their lives.

  • Have you ever wanted to truly own your time—and your life?
  • What if going to work every day was exciting and enjoyable, and you no longer had to worry how you were going to pay the bills?

Young Living’s generous compensation plan gives you the power to take control of your future and build a business that will change your life forever.

Being a Young Living distributor goes beyond simply building a thriving business, however. You will also enjoy extensive networking opportunities, exclusive hands-on experiences, and a strong sense of community. Some of the unique benefits of Young Living membership include:

  • Generous Compensation: Young Living offers an industry-leading compensation plan with generous commissions and bonuses. Compensation Plan Highlights (PDF)
  • Wholesale Pricing: Save 24 percent off retail pricing on Young Living products, and save even more money with exclusive specials and promotions every month.
  • Essential Rewards: As a distributor, you are eligible to enroll in the Essential Rewards program and earn as much as 20 percent of each order in Essential Rewards points.
  • Exclusive Experiences: Participate in unique events such as the Global Leadership Cruise and our annual International Grand Convention, and experience our Seed to Seal®  process firsthand at farm harvests and plantings.
  • Community: Enjoy a close-knit community of support. In addition to your sponsor, the entire Young Living family is ready to assist and encourage you in your journey.
  • Education: Young Living provides ongoing health education opportunities through conventions, seminars, and newsletters to keep you informed and assist you in your wellness progress.
  • Recognition: As you expand your organization and advance toward the prestigious rank of Royal Crown Diamond, you will enjoy special recognition for your accomplishments and leadership!
  •  Not interested in building a business yet? Enroll as a customer and receive our products at retail pricing with flexible monthly purchasing options.

Dev Khalsa – Gold Leader In Young Living

If you have any questions call me at 416-534-0002 or go to my Contact Page.


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