Japan Nuclear Disaster – Ways to Protect Yourself From Radiation

The Japan Nuclear Disaster Unfolds

Japan has been reeling from two national catastrophes in the past week and it may well turn out to be the greatest crisis the country has ever faced. To top it off its economy has been extremely weak for the past two decades.

Latest Geiger Counter Display – 70 Km From Fukushima Reactors March 18, 2011

At this point the disaster at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is still worsening and the danger now appears to be at a Chernobyl level. We have seen explosions going through the roof of at least one reactor building. Diagrams of the reactor design indicate that it is in theupper part of the reactor that 40 years of spent fuel rods have been stored. It is possible that this material may have been blown into the atmosphere. Tokyo, the world’s largest city, is only 238 km (147 mi) away.

Japan Nuclear Disaster

There is one thing you can bet your life on and that is if the news is really bad our governments will not be telling us the full truth. Who in their right mind would build nuclear reactors virtually on top of a geological fault line anyway?


Japan Nuclear Disaster – Ways To Protect Ourselves

U.S. Surgeon General warns Americans to ‘be prepared’ for harmful radiation from Japan to hit West Coast
You can access an online geiger counter map of the US and Canada at http://www.blackcatsystems.com/RadMap/map.html

Japan Nuclear Disaster – How To Protect Ourselves From Possible Fallout

On August 9, 1945 the US dropped an atom bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. About one mile from ground zero, almost in middle of the maelstrom, was St. Francis Hospital. Although this hospital was so close to the epicenter none of the workers or patients suffered from radiation sickness. The director of the hospital, Dr Shinichiro Akizuki, had been feeding his patients and workers a daily diet of:

  • miso soup
  • seaweed
  • vegetables
  • brown rice

Studies at the Japanese Cancer Institute and Japan’s Tohoku University have shown that compounds in the miso counteract cancer and that you can double that protection by just adding a quarter ounce (7 grams) of dried kelp seaweed to each serving.

Seaweed is able to neutralize radioactive strontium by binding it to a compound called algin forming an alginate which is easily and harmlessly excreted from the body. Seaweed also happens to be rich in organically bound iodine and can protect the thyroid from radioactive iodine.

Although the kind of seaweed Dr Akizuki used was a kind of kelp (kombu) it may not matter what kind of marine algae is used. There are reports that chlorella (a single cell green algae) and spirulina (a blue-green algae) are also effective. In 1995 a Russian patent was awarded for the use of spirulina as a medical food for improving the immunity of the children of Chernobyl.

Another food from Japan that has shown to be useful to provide protection from radiation damage is a mushroom called reishi.

Antioxidant containing foods are also known to provide defense against ionizing radiation. Antioxidants are able to do this by protecting your cells against the effects of the free radicals that are produced by radiation.

The mainstream media has popularized antioxidants and many people know about the antioxidant power of vitamins C and E and fruits such as blueberries and raspberries. Most people do not know that by far the most powerful antioxidants of all are pure essential oils.

The power of an antioxidant can be rated on a scale called ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). Here is a sampling of some ORAC values:

  • Vitamin C and E 100
  • Oranges 750
  • Beets 840
  • Strawberries 1540
  • Pomegranate 2300
  • Blueberries 2400
  • Tea Tree (Melaleuca) essential oil 61,000
  • Oregano essential oil 153,000
  • Thyme essential oil 159,000
  • Clove essential oil 10,786,875

For more information on ORAC scores for common foods go to http://oracvalues.com/

[stextbox id=”grey”]Notice I said pure essential oils above. In most countries essential oils are regarded as a kind of perfume and their therapeutic value is not recognized. As a result many producers add chemicals to their product to extend their profit.

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The French medical doctor Daniel Penoel has also shown that Melaleuca essential oil derived from the Australian tea tree plant is effective in protecting against radiation damage.


Commentary On The Japan Nuclear Disaster By Jonathan Campbell








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