Hi there friend! My name is Dev Khalsa and I am a visionary scientist, yogi and master kinesiologist. I have a passion for following the path of the heart.

One of the most important things I have learned in my life is that success will come to you when certain things are in place:

  • First, you must find your path of the heart. It is this path which brings you joy and makes the journey easy. You may go through difficult periods, but just think of what it would be like if you weren’t following your heart!
  • Second, it is your sacred duty to keep on that path and to never, NEVER give up. Make this a commitment to yourself. Your heart’s path may evolve as you travel and grow and learn. It may not be the same as when you started your journey, but it remains your path.

You see, I got messed up when I was a younger. I became a scientist and lived my life through my intellect. You know the kind. They call them eggheads. They are very, very boring people. I just didn’t know any other way.

Dev as an arctic biologist. Northwest Territories, 1972

I reached a spiritual crisis and ended up making a decision to give the scientific career up. The result was I spent a year hitchhiking from Canada to South America. My voyage was truly a life altering experience to say the very least and I was actually very lucky to get out alive. I could have been killed several times.

It was on this trip that I started the process of learning how to let my heart guide my thinking instead of allowing my thinking to guide my heart. It has been many years since those reckless days but I have never forgotten what I learned.

My career experiences

I have done many things in my life including being: a businessman, a kinesiologist, a biologist, a carpenter, a builder, a landscaper, a minister, a teacher and a yogi.

My wife and I have operated a highly successful naturopathic clinic in Toronto, Canada for the past 20 years. The experience has enriched our lives in so many ways and we are very grateful.

Dev with his wife Eileen


I am interested in: being in nature, business, community, ecology, essential oils, flower essences, freedom, healing, herbs, heritage seeds, homeopathics, internet marketing, intuition, kinesiology, knowledge of plants/ animals/ terrain, meditation, native medicine, networking, organic food, peace, personal power, quantum physics, radionics, rife, sadhana, self sufficiency, solar energy, spirituality, tarot, unity of man, wind power, yoga and there’s lots MORE.


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  1. Hi Dev,
    I enjoyed reading this page. What I keep coming back to and can count on from what I’ve read by your or seen on YouTube is the facial reading where you analyze one half of a face, create a face by mirror imaging each side, etc.. Now I look at people that way, judging their true face which is what they project on their left side, and their persona as projected by the right side of their face. Ihave found this to be true.
    My only problem is that it takes me a while and I stare at people and they really don’t like this. It is so much easier to do from a photo but there is not always one available, and of course, in social situations, decisions about a person must sometimes be made very quickly.
    How do you do this on the fly?
    thanks for all you do. I wish you and your wife Eileen much happiness!

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